Maurice E. De Vidts (Hogar Dulce Hogar LLC): Real Estate - Other in Colorado Springs, CO

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Selling your Home?

We can help!

Do you need to sell your home right now? we have experience, funds, and the tools to make this happen quickly and smoothly.

You might need to sell quickly if you are in pre-foreclosure (late on payments, laid off etc), going through a divorce, probate, or need to relocate to a new job.

The Process

Once you contact us we will go over your specific situation and see if we are in a position to help. Based on the basics of your situation we will then schedule an in-person meeting at your home to go over our proposed solution, our contract(s) and depending on the type of purchase we might take pictures of any property damage based on a preliminary inspection.

If you are in a foreclosure situation we will ask you to have ready financial documents your bank will request for a short sale approval. Once we sign a short sale contract you will have a 3 day right to cancel the contract, required by the Colorado Foreclosure protection Act.

From there until closing we will keep you appraised of any changes in schedule or if we need additional or updated information



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